by Kelly Wisner, Strehle Elementary School

Modified by Stephanie Staub, Jefferson Elementary

Students will find the functions of each of the four main plant parts.


Big6 Stage 1: Task Definition

Define the task (the information problem). 

Identify the information needed to complete the task.

I am so glad you are here! 

My friend, Mrs. Petroske, asked me to watch her greenhouse while she is away on vacation. The only problem is, I spilled juice all over the instructions she left me. Here’s what her letter looks like: 


She even left me a diagram to make sure I knew what the parts look like.  I messed that one up too!


So you see, I have no idea why each of the plant parts is important to the plant!  I need you to investigate the function, or job, of each of the plant parts and fix the letter for me!    I'm counting on you, please help me so we don't disappoint Mrs. Petroske!