by Catherine Tung, Sequoyah School

In this WebQuest, students will research the use of triangles in company logos and create their own logo. This is designed to develop and assess students' understanding of congruent triangles, and the congruent triangle theorems (SSS, SAS, ASA, etc.).


Have you ever thought about why a company chooses a certain design for its logo?  Have you ever thought about what the shapes in a logo represent? 


In this Webquest, you will become experts on congruent triangles.  In class, we've been talking about congruent triangles and the theorems we can use to prove them, which include SSS (side-side-side), AAS (angle-angle-side), ASA (angle-side-angle), SAS (side-angle-side).

Now I want you to apply that knowledge to the real world.  You will look for congruent triangles in company logos, research the symbolic meaning of triangles, and construct your own logo that incorporates at least one pair of congruent triangles.