1. Watch National Geographic's Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Video.

2. Watch Adrian Shepard's Life Cycle of a Butterfly Whiteboard Animation.

There are four stages of a butterfly's life cycle. 

3. Team members decide who will research each life cycle stage (egg, caterpillar, chrysalis/pupa, adult). Each student researches one life cycle stage. Together, the team researches all four stages. 

4. Each team member uses the following resources to learn more about their life cycle stage.

5. Team members record research on the Focus on a Cycle graphic organizer. Each team member draws  a quick sketch of each life cycle in the appropriate order, and includes the following five details for each stage. This will serve as a draft for the final team poster.

  1. Name of the life cycle stage.
  2. How long does the life cycle stage last?
  3. Vocabulary words and their meaning for each stage (i.e. chrysalis, metamorphosis)
  4. Describe what happens to the insect during this life cycle stage?
  5. What does the insect eat or not eat during this life cycle stage. 

6. Once the graphic organizer is complete, team members draw neat detailed illustrations for each life cycle on the poster, and transfer the information/details from the graphic organizer to the poster. Each team members includes one unique interesting fact about the butterfly. 

7. Each team presents their poster to the class.