by Lisa Rinke, Maillard Middle School


The Canadian government has been approached by the Global Science Community to help investigate extreme environments.  Extreme environments are one of the final frontiers for further exploration and important because within them lie the potential for new energy sources and new species which could aid in the scientific development of cures for human diseases.  Canada has committed to the exploration of one extreme environment, but needs further information before choosing which one. 

In response, the Canadian government has hired teams of scientists to investigate exploration in extreme environments.  They are asking each team to make a recommendation.  You will take on the role of a scientist investigating either polar regions, deserts, oceans, volcanoes or space.  Working within this team, you will create a presentation detailing the problems faced when exploring these extreme environments, technology Canadians have developed to aid in this exploration and the benefits and costs of exploration in these regions.  Your team will share their results with one another, then make a recommendation to the Canadian government as to which extreme environment would be the best one for further exploration.