I. For the first task, you will find one poem that you like by exploring poems and poets on the web.  Time: not more than 20 minutes

1. Go to

    You can click on the 'Poets and Poetry' link to display a very comprehensive list of poets.  

    Or you may type in the name of a poet or words in a title. Some suggestions for poets: 

    Charles Bukowski     Edgar Allen Poe    Shell Silverstien    Sylvia Plath   

    E. E. Cummings        T. S. Eliot           Pablo Neruda        Langston Hughes

    Suggestions for searching words in a poem's title:

    Love      Hate    School    California    Dream    Drunk

    Or, feel free to explore other poetry sites, such as:

2. After you have chosen your poem, create a Word document. Copy and Paste the poem onto your document. Be careful to copy it exactly as it appears: maintain the author's capitalization, line breaks, etc. Below your poem, Copy and Paste the web address where your poem is located. You are now ready to go to the next step.



II. So you've chosen a poem that you like. Or you've at least chosen a poem.

Now, you will learn, identify, and record poetic elements found in the poem you have chosen.   Time: roughly 20 minutes

1. Check out the Elements of Poetry. Explore and review the 14 elements.

2. Next, on your Word document below your poem, identify at least 3 of these elements that appear in the poem you have chosen. For each element, you must cite the portion of the poem that demonstrates that element.  

For example, If you chose the poem 'Young in New Orleans' by Charles Bukowski, you could offer the following lines as an example of metaphor:

I could piss away my life,




III  So, you've now become aware of some of the important poetic elements the author used in the poem you have chosen. For the grand finale, you will demonstrate your understanding of these elements by writing your own short poem in the style of the author you have chosenTime: 10 to 20 minutes

1. On the same Word Document, write a poem of at least 10 lines, using at least 3 of the poetic elements present in your found poem. Try and emulate or copy the poet's style as much as possible not only by using the same poetic elements but by using simlilar vocabulary and themes as well.