by Clare McGarvin, Kings Canyon Middle School

This WebQuest is designed to give students an opportunity to compare colleges using a set of criteria that help them understand the many aspects related to the quality of a university.


It's never too soon...

to start thinking about college!

There are some decisions you make that are not so big, like which pair of socks you’ll wear. Then there are other decisions you make in life that are HUGE, like which college you attend. While deciding on socks may depend on a few questions like, what’s the weather like, which pants am I wearing, or where am I spending the day? When it comes to a HUGE decision like which college you attend, there are tons of questions that need to be asked…

What do you want to major in?

What sports or activities do you want to be involved in?

How much is it going to cost and is there any help in paying for it?

What tests do I need to take, and what scores do I need to get?

Do I want to live at home while I go to college? 

If I move away from home, how far is too far? 


It may seem too early to think about college, but five years passes by faster than you think! This webquest will help you find answers to some of these questions.