by Dorothy Hunt, MacMillan International

Modified by Emily Baldwin, MacMillan International Academy
Dorothy Hunt, MacMillan International

Students make a booklet and an Indian Village Model for the Museum.


CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a finalist in the Youth Archives and History contest.    I am the Director Dorothy and I am in search of the best tour guide who can educate children about Indian tribes. 

Your goal is to give an in-depth look into the lives of your Indian Tribe, by providing various facts.  These children expect you to be an expert.  You must create a presentation that tells the students about the history of your tribe.  This can be in the form of a brochure, booklet, PowerPoint, Jing, Voice Thread or any other approved way that tells the students the history of your tribe.  You also need to create a replica of the Indian village of your tribe so the children can "see" how the village is set up.  Be sure to be creative and work together. 

Time is running out the exhibit opens in 8 weeks.  The booklet must be at the printer in 5 weeks. You must begin your research NOW!