Part 1: Brainstorming 

You and your siblings have already chosen the continent you will be traveling to, now its time to split up and work individually. *Use this template to complete Part 1 

Step 1) First, you want to decide what is important to you when traveling in terms of the countries culture. Follow this link to get some examples of topics that can be researched. Once you have picked four topics fill them into the template provided to you above.

*Remember you and your siblings each pick at least four topics but they do not have to be the same. Pick what is most interesting to YOU.

Step 2) Use this link to pick six countries that you might be interested in traveling to. Fill out the "countries" section of the template by list your six choices.

Step 3) Now that you have picked six countries, its time to do research! Use the topics you picked in step 1 to help guide your research. Complete the template to take notes on your findings

Step 4) After finishing your research, decide what three countries seem most interesting to you and rank those three countries from 1 - 3 (one being the country you are most interested in).

Part 2: Constructing a Persuasive Proposal

Out of the six countries you picked, use the evidence you found as you researched to rank them. Take the top three and use them to create your persuasive proposal. Use this table to help you organize your ideas.
Your proposal should include: