by Caitlin Nii, Kingsburg High
Laura Vallenari, Kingsburg High School

This webquest is designed to help students become more ethical users and producers of information in the digital world. Students will learn about the concepts of creative commons, copyright, public domain and fair use. They will apply that knowledge by creating a ScreenCast video that teaches others how to navigate and use a Creative Commons website.


You are assigned a research project and you are filled with:

A.  Excitement & Enthusiasm - Yes!  Another project!!! My life is now complete.  

B.  Dread & Fear - There's no way I can do this!

C.  Shock & Horror - You want me to do what? This isn't even an English class!

D.  A desire to hide under your desk - I shall now become invisible.  

It's totally normal to struggle with research.  You have to know where to find the best resources, how to cite them and so much more.  Researching takes a certain amount of skill, and these skills take practice.  The more you practice, the easier the process becomes.