As an investigative reporter you must first perform a background check on your subject “ The Great John Cabot”.  A great start would be to find out the following specifics while coming up with your own discoveries along the way. Record your findings in your investigation journal.

1. Does John Cabot go by any aliases?

2. Does John Cabot have any financial issues at the time of travel?


3. What’s John Cabot’s motive for leaving Europe ?


4. Was John Cabot really the first guy at the scene?


Essential links: 


Canadian History


John Cabot


John and Sebastian Cabot












Process 2 : "THE GREAT DEBATE"


There is much mystery surrounding the actual place that Cabot and his crew found. One thing we do know is that it was not CHINA! Where did they land? Why is this a great mystery? Research all you can on this dilemma of discovery. What do you think happened? Make notes on what you find in your investigation journal.


To assist in your investigation  check out theses sites for exploration....

Gullage's Travels (John Cabot)

John Cabot Essay

John Cabot - Giovanni Caboto




Process 3: " STOP THE PRESSES "



You've collected data and researched your subject. Taking all you have discovered about John Cabot evaluate what your findings reveal. Where do you believe John Cabot landed? Prepare a newspaper article that discusses all you know about the early explorer and address the issues surrounding the controversy concerning the landing site. Make sure you include where you beleive the explorer landed and back it up with what your investigations have revealed.


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