Step 1- Read Animal Tracks and Animal Trunk by Charles Ghigna.  (These are the books the King of the Jungle has stumbled across.)

Step 2- Learn about Charles Ghigna using the websites provided.

Step 3- Appoint someone in the group to be the scribe and someone to be the presenter.  The scribe will write the information you have found about Charles Ghigna on the poster, and the presenter will read the information aloud to the class.

Step 4- Complete the poster.

Step 5- Together create a poem about an animal of your choice using Charles Ghigna’s writing style.

Step 6- The presenter of the poster will be the scribe of the poem, and the scribe of the poster will be the presenter of the poem.  The scribe of the poem will write the poem on a piece of butcher paper.

Step 7- Present the poster and the poem to your teacher and class.