by Morgan Sales, University Of Manitoba



We are lucky to live in Winnipeg. The people are friendly, the teachers are nice and there are lots of fun things to do. But what about people who live in Halifax or Iqaluit, are they lucky? What is their city like? What kinds of things can they do for fun? Let's find out!

You are about to become experts on one of our Province or Territory's capital cities. You will learn as much as possible about the culture, climate, entertainment and everything else so that you may earn the title "Expert". Each team of two will be given a city to research.  You will have a list of ten BURNING QUESTIONS to answer.

When you are finished you will imagine you are on vacation in that city and write someone a postcard. Also, you will get to design the postcard yourself! This part will be done individually, so everyone gets a chance to draw and write to someone.

The final step will be a presentation. You will read your postcard to the class and show off your amazing artwork! That way we will all know about Canada's capital cities.

This webquest will be your biggest and best tool to help you answer the Burning Questions and to help you become Experts.

So let's get going, experts in training, and learn about our great Canadian cities!