For this assignment you will answer ten Burning Questions about your city. You will work as a team to answer these questions, except for question ten. Each team member will answer question ten individually, just in case you have different opinions.

All of your answers must be in full sentences and you must type them up on the computer.

Step 1

    Read over these Burning Questions before you go to the websites. This will help you look for the important information about your city.


1)      What city are you researching?

2)      What Province or Territory is this city the capital of?

3)      What is the population of this city?

4)      Other than a car, how can you get there?

5)      What kinds of jobs do people have there?

6)      What kind of weather or climate does the city have? Is the climate different in the summer than in the winter?

7)      What kinds of activities can you do there? Are there any festivals, museums, sports teams, parks, lakes, ski slopes, etc.?

    Check out the websites listed below to answer your Burning Questions. You must answer the qestions in full sentences and type them up on the computer. Look for your capital city and you will find helpful and appropriate websites.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Victoria, British Columbia

Edmonton, Alberta

Regina, Saskachewan

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Toronto, Ontario

Quebec, Quebec

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Halifax, Nova Scotia

St. John's, Newfoundland

Whitehorse, Yukon

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Iqaluit, Nunavut

Step 2

    To answer the next two Burning Questions you will need to go to the website listed below. Just fill in the spaces, Start Address is your city and End Address is Winnipeg or a neighboring capial city, hit Search and the distance will be listed on the left in km (kilometres).


8)      How far away is the city from Winnipeg ?

9)      Choose two other capital cities, how far away are they from your city?


Step 3

    This is the last Burning Question! Each member of your team will write their own answer to this question. You are now an expert on your city, so show it off when you answer this last question!


10)  Would you want to visit or live in this city? Please give four or more examples why or why not.

    *Don't forget, all of your ten Burning Questions need to be in full sentences and typed up on the computer.

Step 4


Congratulations! You are now Experts! Now you get to make some art!

The postcards are done individually, so you each need to make a postcard. So come on, show off your amazing drawing skills and show off all that you know about your city!

You need to think about a lot of things before you make this postcard. Look back at the questions you answered or return to the websites to help you out. You need to draw a picture that relates to your city. Think about what kinds of fun things you learned about. Is there a waterslide park? Is there a Zoo? Is there a Golden Boy? Can you go snowboarding? Are there igloos? Can you eat really yummy food there? Choose one idea and create a postcard. You can visit this site, to get some postcard ideas. Remember, always do a rough copy first.

Now that you have your awesome postcard, you need to write to someone! Who are you going to write to? Your Mom, Ms. Sales, Brett Favre, Kanye West, your brother, your aunt, your friend from school? You can write to anyone.

Next you need to imagine you are on vacation in this city. Look back at the questions you answered or return to the websites to help you out. How did you arrive there? By plane, by helicopter, by car, by parachute? What is the weather like? Did anyone go with you? Are you staying at a hotel or camping? What did you do there? What did you eat there? Don't forget about your rough copy.

Get ready to present your amazing postcards to the class! Read them outloud and tell us about your postcard design.