by Morgan Sales, University Of Manitoba

Teacher Introduction

    This web quest is designed for students in grade five, but it would work for students up to grade seven. Learners work in groups of two, or more depending on class size and learner ability, to research a capital city in Canada . Students are assigned a city; I had them draw out of a hat. There are ten "Burning Questions" that students will answer to guide them through their research. Upon completion of the quest learners give a presentation to the class, with a focus on their impression of the city.

Extension Projects

    Plan a trip across Canada using the distances students have found, it works great with grade fives. 

    I had students design and write postcards from the city they were researching. They got really into this and it allowed the arts oriented students to shine. 

    For higher level learners have them create a paragraph from their burning question answers, instead of just full sentences.