by The University of Virginia

Modified by Shelly Durham, Central Junior High School

In this WebQuest, you will learn about how the brain works and how learning affects your brain.


Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to learn new things? For example, do you remember what it was like learning how to read? When you were younger, it probably used to take you a lot more time just to read a paragraph! 


What about learning how to ride a bike? Was that easy at first? Or learning how to play soccer? Or how to paint? Or play a new musical instrument? A lot of things are hard before they get easy. Like they say, practice makes perfect! Have you ever wondered why this is true?


A lot of this has to do with how our brain works. Our brains are like a big network, and they are made of many, many parts. Even though we breathe, blink, walk, and talk without really "thinking" about it, our brain is behind everything we do! 


To understand how we learn new things, we're going to become brain experts and learn everything we need to know about the amazing human brain. It might be difficult at first, but the more we learn, the easier it will be! After doing this WebQuest, you'll know why this is true.


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