Let's get started!

Step One: Deciding roles.

As group decide which role you will take on. Remember just because you have that role doesn't mean you can't provide help to the other students in your group.

Step Two: Research.

Begin your research. Be sure that you're getting evidence from reliable sources. You may not use Wikipedia. Feel free to listen to jazz music as you're conducting your research. Get inspired!

Step Three: Put together a Presentation.

When all of you have completed your role, you will need to come together as a group and decide how you will present to the class the evidence you have found. You can pick from a variety of things, as long as it is media formatted.  Examples: PowerPoint, video presentation, Prezi, etc. 

Step Four: Presenting to the class.

Be prepared to orally present the investigation evidence that your team has put together. The presentation should last anywhere between 10-15 mins. Please be careful to not go over 15 mins. Remember to practice! Don't be nervous, the class is rooting for you!

I'm here to help you and will answer any questions that you have.