by Kencheryl Smalls

This webquest is designed for students to explore the evolution of the telephone from 1876 to present day. We will explore who invented the telephone, how the telephone was invented and patented, how the telephone have changed dramatically in the past century, how it have an impact on our everyday life, and explore how technology will the telephone improve in the future.


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 You are stranded on a desert island without any technology to call for help. As you are wondering the island looking for food and shelter, you stumble across a time capsule machine that will allow you go back in time to the late 1800s, when the first telephone was invented. You find a letter next to the capsule with instructions on how to use the time capsule machine. 
The instructions on how to use the capsule states:
When you find this capsule, climb inside and explore how the telephone has dramatically change over time and have impacted our lives. You will be discovering artifacts and exploring the evolution of the telephone from the late 1800s to present day through websites, videos, audios and pictures and discovering the impact it have on our daily life. Afterwards, you will answer questions about  what you have learned about the evolution of the telephone. When the task is complete, the time capsule will allow you to make one phone call for help to get off the deserted island. 

Good luck!!

Don't Be Stranded!!