Individual work

Study the ebook "Electric current", available at the following link: /?static=55072,

and do the included exercises.


Group work

For each class:

divide into four groups of 5-6 students each. 

Every group has to research into one of the following topics:

  1. Electromotive force and internal resistance.
  2. Resistors in series and parallel.
  3. Kirchhoff’s rules.
  4. Capacitors in series and parallel.
  5. Superconductors.

For each topic, a list of web resources is given below.


Then, every group has to make a presentation, using a software of its choice, on its piece of research.


Presentations must be submitted to teacher's email at by Wednesday 7th March 2018 and will be delivered by a member of each group during the next lesson, scheduled for Friday 9th March 2018. 


Web resources


1. Electromotive force and internal resistance


2. Resistors in series and parallel 1 2


  3. Kirchhoff’s rules 1 2


 4. Capacitors in series and parallel 1 2 3



 5. Superconductors