by Ewa Pawlowicz, Queen's University

The purpose of this WebQuest is to have students analyze the global distribution of Canada's major international agreements and organizations; to, in their own words, explain the mandate of selected international organizations; to evaluate their effectiveness in addressing global concerns; and to demonstrate knowledge of Canada's significant world contributions.

Teacher Introduction

Although this WebQuest is intended for a Grade 9 Academic Geography class (CGC 1D1), it can be used in any subject focusing on Canada's International Relations.  The process, or instructions, of the WebQuest are worded in such a way as to allow teachers to tailor the assignment to accommodate their classes.  By the end of this lesson, students will be able to analyze and explain the role of international organizations, as well as Canada's contribution to these organizations.

The most exciting aspect of this WebQuest is that it is authentic and community-based; since the final product of the research is aimed at ESL students in their own school, students are, in effect, more motivated to do a good job.  In addition, because students are required to create a handbook for an ESL class, they must simplify the language and concepts of their research, which prevents them from simply copy and pasting information.