Step 1

†††† 1.† First, you need to choose three of the reading strategies listed in Step 2.† You can either write down those strategies, and their corresponding questions, or print and mark them for a reference.†††

††† 2.† After you've chosen your strategies, you can move on to the Step 3 and choose three of the short stories.

††† 3.† As you are reading each story, answer the questions to the strategy you are using.† You need to use a different strategy for each of the short stories you read.

††† 4.† Turn in your assignment stating the titles and authors of the short stories, the strategies and questions you've used to read, and legible or typed answers.†† †

††† * In summary, choose three short stories and use a different reading strategy for each one.†† While you are reading, answer the questions from the strategy you've chosen. *

Step 2

Active Reading Strategies:

*Try to answer these questions while you are reading.*††††††††††††††††

Predicting† aspects of a story:
†† †1.† What does the title mean?
† † 2.† What will happen?
†† †3.† What will the main character do, or what will happen to him/her?

Connecting aspects of a story:

†† †1.† When have I felt the way the main character did during a part of the story?
†† †2.† What does this story remind me of, or make me think about?
†† †3.† What other stories are like this story.

Questioning personal understanding:

†† †1.† What has happened so far?
†† †2.† Pick any part of the story and explain what it means.
†† †3.† Explain one of the characterís actions and say what you would have done.


††† 1.† Describe what one of the characters looks like.
†† †2.† Describe a scene, including the charactersí expressions and attitudes.
†† †3.† Describe what a place in the story looks like.


†† †1.† Does this story make sense?
†† †2.† Who is the most realistic character?† Why?
†† †3.† What do I, or don't I, agree with about the story?

Review & Response:

†† †
1.† What would you ask the author?
†† †2.† Summarize the story.
†† †3† What did you, or didnít you, like about the story?
†† †4.† How did the story make you feel: angry, mad, tired, bored, annoyed?
†††††††† Explain why.

Step 3

††† Lucky for us, there is a tremendous number of short stories on the internet.† You have the freedom to choose whatever three stories you want.† However, all three stories must be appropriate for school and at least two pages long.

Here are a few great websites to choose stories from:†