by John Kreider, Pacific University

Teacher Introduction

 This webquest is designed to develop active reading skills.  Students will read several online short stories while using specific reading strategies.  These strategies include: -Predicting  aspects of a story: the title means, what will happen, what a character will do

-Connecting aspects of a story: what would I do, when have I felt that way, what does that remind me of, what other stories are like this

-Questioning personal understanding: what has happened so far, what does that mean, why did he/she do that

- Visualizing:  what does he/she look like, what did that look like, what did that place look like

- Evaluating: does the story make sense, do the characters seem real, what do I or don't I agree with

- Review: what has happened so far, summarizing

- Response: what I liked or didn't like, how the story made me feel, what would I ask the author