by Sara Velez, New Bedford High School

This is a webquest designed to get students thinking about plagiarism. What is it? How do I avoid it? Why is it bad? Students will work in groups to answer these and other related quetions to give them a better understanding. This lesson is designed to be done at the beginning of the school year or course.


As new high school students, you will here the term "Plagiarism" a lot.  But what is it exactly?  How do you prevent it?  Why does everyone think it's so bad, anyway?  Both students and teachers confront these issues.  In this webquest, you will explore the variety of issues and concerns raised by plagiarism, academic honesty, policies regarding both, and the Internet as a tool for all of the above.

Before you begin I want you to think about a few things.  When you lend clothes, CD's, or money to a friend, do you expect them to be returned?  How would you feel if someone stole your stuff?  For those of you who play sports:  How would you like it if a teammate got credit for your RBI's and his?  Your touchdowns?  Plagiarism is taking someone elses RBI's, CD's, clothes, money, touchdowns, etc, but on an academic level.

While you are completing this WebQuest keep our Mission Statement in Mind:

The goal of New Bedford High School is to prepare well-read, productive young adults who are effective problem solvers and decision makers. They will be confident lifelong learners able to thrive in a global technological society. To this end, the administration, faculty, and staff provide a safe and secure environment in which all students can learn. Because all students are valued individuals with unique personal and academic needs, the school offers a balance of traditional and innovative programs and strategies to help them develop their strengths and self-esteem. All students benefit from a climate of cultural diversity that increases their appreciation of different peoples. The school staff, parents, and the community share the mission of helping students become responsible and well rounded citizens.

New Bedford High School Mission Statement