Each class will be divided into three groups.  Each group will have a specialized path to research and develop.  Each group will have 4-6 students, depending on the class size.  Groups can be randomly selected or chosen by the students - this is up to the individual teacher.

Group 1:  Your job is to determine what plagiarism is.  Your PowerPoint© presentation will define the different types of plagiarism out there and also define its unethical uses on the web (internet).

Group 2:  You will explore the differences between paraphrasing and plagiarizing so that together you can create a PowerPoint© presentation that will list strategies for avoiding inapporiate paraphrasing.

Group 3:  Your job is to explore prevention and detection techniques available to both students and teachers.  Your PowerPoint© presentation will list strategies for both teachers and students in the prevention and detection of plagiarism.

After each group has presented there will be a class discussion to create guidelines for a Team policy regrding plagiarism.

Survey Directions:  With your group create a survey:

  1. Your survey should have 6-10 questions seeking opinions about academic honesty.  Some sample questions are:  Is it okay to cut and paste from the Internet with a citation?  Is cheating in high school acceptable?  Is cheating in college acceptable?
  2. Each group member will give the survey to 5 people - they cannot be on this Team!!!!
  3. You will then chart the results by gender, grade level, age, and answers.  You can use pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, etc.  Don't forget to add age, gender, grade level, etc to your survey.
  4. Your surveys must be approved by teacher!
  5. Surveys  and charts are due when you present.

Individual Papers - see task page for questions to be answered in this paper.  This is to be done individually.  Use the following guidelines to complete this paper.

  1. Answer the questions found on the Task page of this WebQuest
  2. Your paper must be 1-2 pages in length
  3. It must be typed!
  4. Use Times New Roman Font, Size 12 - I won't accept anything else
  5. The paper must be double-spaced and have 1 inch margins.
  6. These will be due 1 week from the final presentation.

Web Resources for each group:

Group 1:  Defining Plagiarism

  1. Anti-Plagiarism Strategies: 
  2. Plagiarism:  What it is and How to Avoid it: 
  3. What is plagiarism and why do people do it? 
  4. Plagiarism in Colleges USA
  5. Plagiarism Avoided:  Taking Responsibility
  6. A Statement on Plagiarism
  7. – The instructors guide to Internet Plagiarism
  8. Online plagiarism
  9. Earl Babbie – Plagiarism: 
  10. Avoiding Plagiarism

Group 2:  Paraphrasing and Plagiarizing


  1. Plagiarism:  What it is and How to Avoid it 
  2. Avoiding Plagiarism
  3. Sources:  About Citing Sources:  What is Plagiarism
  4. Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
  5. Paraphrase
  6. The Correct Use of Borrowed Information
  7. Writing Place Tips for Writers:  Avoiding Plagiarism

Group 3:  Prevention and Detection

  1. How Not to Plagiarize
  2. Internet Plagiarism: Strategies to Deter Academic Misconduct
  3. Center For Academic Integrity
  4. Plagiarism Stoppers:  A Teacher's Guide
  5. Plagiarism Policies
  6. Plagiarism and the Web
  7. Ethics 101:  Cheating, Plagiarism, Site Evaluation, Copyright and Your Students
  8. The New Plagiarism
  9. Writing-Plagiarism Advice for Lessons