by Sara Velez, New Bedford High School

This is a webquest designed to get students thinking about plagiarism. What is it? How do I avoid it? Why is it bad? Students will work in groups to answer these and other related quetions to give them a better understanding. This lesson is designed to be done at the beginning of the school year or course.

Teacher Introduction

As you all know, plagiarism has gotten worse with the students having the ability to buy papers online and students cutting and pasting from a website.  Some students don't realize there is a problem with what their doing and others don't care.  This webquest is designed to not only make them realize that it's wrong to plagiarize (hopefully), but it also gives them resources to prevent it their own work.

For those teachers that work in Teams I am also hoping that the students will generate a policy for their team to deal with those who continue to plagiarize after this project is complete.