by Lisa Santos

describe and illustrate the continuous movement of water above and on the surface of Earth through the water cycle and explain the role of the Sun as a major source of energy in this process;


Water is Life 

Now we been discussing the Water Cycle for the past week and we know the major components that make the water cycle. We know that the Sun is the major energy source to keep the cycle going, but do you truly know how old water is?

Can you guess how old water is? If you take a glass of water, can you guess its age? Water has been around since the beginning of time! Water was apart of the lakes Dinosaurs drank, water was in the wells that kings, queens and knight drank! Since the very first fish, the water that you drink has been through it all. Water makes up 70 percent of the Earth's surface! We need water to sustain life on Earth!

Water is more precious than Gold!! 

We know that the earth has a limited amount of water and it will keep being used over and over again. In this quest, you will show me your understanding of how the water cycle works and the importance of the sun.  


 Did you Know!

Only about 3% of the water on Earth is freshwater or water we can drink. 
Wow! Water really is worth more than Gold!