by Ashley Prupes, Pacific University

This webquest is designed for High School students to rewrite the last scene of Romeo and Juliet.


Shakespeare has been rolling around in his grave thinking about the changes and the different interpreations people have been coming up with for his play.  He knows that you have been studying Romeo and Juliet and wants you to explore the ending more. Also Shakespeare knows that Rosaline was very upset with Romeo for leaving her out to dry and has a bone to pick with Juliet.  She would love to be writen in to see who Romeo would pick or to kill Juliet. 


There are many themes and characters throughout the work but most memorable are Romeo and Juliet and their tragedy of them both dying.  We know that from the beginning that they both die.  There is love, desire, violence, rage, feuds, and more in this play.  But what if Romeo and Juliet do not die, or what if one of them lives?  How would the play change?  Well you are going to explore this by rewriting the last scene of the play.

"For never was a story of more woe 
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo. "

 Romeo & Juliet, Act V Scene iii