by Hye-jin Cho, Indiana University Bloomington
Hye-jin Cho, Indiana University Bloomington
Mandy Martin,
M. Abdulhamed Molhim, Indiana University, School Of Education

The following Web Quest is intended for intermediate to advanced EFL learners at either the high school or adult level. All research, communication, and creation will be done in English.



“Marriage is the strongest bond the world has ever is a bringing together.  It is a bringing together of two people, of two families, or two tribes, or two villages, or even two countries.”  Some say that love is the international language, and that marriage is the ultimate expression of love.  The union of marriage is something that is uniquely shared across a variety of cultures and some say that no matter the language, there is something strangely recognizable about a wedding.  What are the similarities in wedding customs that unite different cultures?  What are the differences?  What does a marriage involve here?  What does a wedding look like in the United States?  What does a wedding look like in Belize?