Step 1

Think about the products that you buy, such as soda, fast food, games, music, designer clothing, computers, and cars.  Also consider services that you use for example, cell phone, telephone, cable, banking, real estate, Internet, or entertainment.

Now think about the business that manufactures, produces, and sells the product or service.  This may include corporations such as:  Pepsi, Sony, Dell, Nextel, KB Homes, Google, Jack in the Box, or Six Flags.

Step 2

Begin by going to the website of the business that you want to research.  For example,  Right click on the links and choose "Open in new window."

Look on the homepage for a link that says, history, about us, corporate information or something to that effect.  Write down the information from the task that you need to include in your presentation.

You should also go to  Click on the business link along the left side of the page.  Type in the business name or stock symbol if you know the symbol.  This link will provide additional information such as the corporate headquarters, industry, and number of employees.

To find out if your company owns other companies or is owned by a parent company, you will have to read the company's financial report or this information may be included in the corporate history or corporate timeline.  Look at this example From this page choose the link "financial information and filing"

You are probably already familiar with the products and services that your company provides.  However, the financial report will also give you information about the products, services, and types of revenue.

Remember to include two current events about your company.  The event must be within the last six months and contain at least five sentences.  Also, remember to list at least five competitors in the same business as your business.

Now let's take a look at a stock chart.  Go to  On the right-hand side under "Money", type in the stock symbol or stock name.  Locate the stock exchange (NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ) and stock symbol.  Click on "3m" and that will give you a chart of your stock's performance over the last three months.  Insert the chart into your PowerPoint presentation.  Remember to include the stock symbol and stock exchange.

Step 3

Now that you have gathered all your information, you are ready to prepare your PowerPoint presentation.  Also, based on your research you can recommend whether your company is a good investment.  Why don't you ask an expert for a second opinion?  Go to  Remember to right click on the link and choose, "Open in new window".                                                                                                                                                   

Remember to look at the rubric to see how your presentation will be graded.