by Rebecca Andersen, Concordia University

This WebQuest will include a tour of the 19th Centery, more specifically, a tour of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. It will include a look into Regency England, the dress, the food, activities, etc, in relation to the view points of the characters in Pride and Prejudice.


Now that you have read Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice, you are ready to become a character from this novel and experience the various elements of the 19th century.  What were the interests, hobbies, style, favorite foods or card games, of the characters from Pride and Prejudice?  The 19th century is an entirely different world that is best illustrated through the eyes of a character from that time period.  Your job is to capture the life-styles of those who lived in the 19th century, by creating a resume for the character of your choice from Pride and Prejudice.  Through the creation of this resume, you will be digging deeper into the character's life and provide an in-depth illustration of the character that Jane Austen was unable to provide.  What are some unique qualities or interests of this character that Jane Austen failed to mention?  Be creative and get ready to get into the mind of someone from the 19th centery.