by Siggy Abuel, Costa Mesa High School
Evonne Conlay, Costa Mesa HS
Lisa Knupple, Costa Mesa HS
Cheri Sheldon, Costa Mesa HS

This webquest is designed for high school students who need help in improving their study skills. Note taking, mapping, brain storming, and other valuable skills are explored in this web quest.


Why Study?

Face it. In order to learn the harder stuff in school, you have to study. If you never do then your grades probably reflect it. If you're going to survive the next three years in high school, you're going to need to know how study efficiently and consistently. Studying is the one of the bulding blocks of learning.

Is there a right way to study?

This is a tricky question. There are many ways to study and some styles and techniques are effective only for certain learning modalities. But there are some basic rules that apply to everyone. Not knowing how to study can become a major problem for you once your faced with a class that actually challenges you. The simple fact is that everyone can improve how they take down information, review information, and recall information. How people improve upon these things is a matter of preference.

The Quest

In this webquest, you will learn some basic strategies that will become invaluable to you in your acadmic career. If you've never studied before or if your an old veteran, there are always things you can do to increase your productivity. Look at the students below. See how happy they are? They're happy because they studied. Really.