by David Wicks, Seattle Pacific University

The use of digital images in education has grown in popularity as mobile telephones have become high quality digital cameras. The recent advances of web-based image editing and storage technologies make it easier for teachers and students to modify and organize their image collections. This WebQuest is designed for teacher education students who want to explore the use of digital images as part of their instruction and/or assessment. Students will use a web-based image editing program (PicMonkey) to manipulate and compress images. Experience gained during this activity will help teachers reflect on how they might use digital image technology with their students.


Do you use digital images in handouts or presentations created for instruction?  Do you take pictures of student projects as part of an asssessment process?  Have you ever had any of the following issues?

Red eyes?

Poor contrast or exposure?

Rotation problems?

Need for cropping?

Or how about files that are too large to email or store on your hard drive?  Have you felt powerless to make modifications because of cost or complex software?

In this WebQuest you will learn how to edit images using a free web-based program called PicMonkey. Becoming fluent with PicMonkey should make manipulating images for your instruction and assessment easier to do.