After your flight arrives on time at Jerry Olson Field, Cheyenne’s Regional Airport, you take a taxi to your hotel.  The hotel’s Presidential Suite has been booked for NTCC’s 2-day meeting. Upon checking-in at the reception, you are told that the other 4 committee members have already arrived and are waiting for you in the Presidential Suite.  When you enter the meeting room, you are greeted by a USDI official who then proceeds to distribute the meeting agenda to each of the 5 NTCC members.

According to the agenda/instructions, NTCC’s job is to collaboratively analyze the cultural conflict involving the various stakeholders (also referred to as the Devils Tower Controversy) and then develop a group presentation highlighting the salient issues and relevant theoretical frameworks of cross-cultural behavior relating to the issue.  The 3 specific tasks (along with due dates) to be accomplished by the NTCC members include:

  1. Individually provide 5 unique/original references consisting of at least 3 journal articles/peer-reviewed sources and 2 non-journal sources (books, newspapers, official websites, etc.) relating to the overall issue, along with satisfactory rationale for relevance  (15 points, due date: April 3rd)
  2. Collaboratively write-up a 25 page (minimum) professional-quality final report, with references in APA format  (100 points, due date: April 26th)
  3. Collaboratively present the major findings in a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation (35 points, presentation dates: April 26th, May 1st, May 3rd, & May 8th)

Due to the time constraints imposed upon the NTCC in completing the 3 tasks, the USDI considers it vital that all 5 NTCC members collaborate efficiently and equitably during the entire process.  Once you have completed the 3 tasks, a USDI official will use the Committee Assessment Form to evaluate the quality of the final PowerPoint presentation.  In addition, each NTCC member will also fill out a Member Assessment Form to examine the level of contribution by each member in the group.  In other words, each team member will be responsible for evaluating the contributions made by every other member of the group. If a member’s contribution is not satisfactory, they will be replaced before the next NTCC mission.  While the Committee Assessment Form will be used to evaluate the usefulness of the final presentation for a better cross-cultural understanding of the Devils Tower Controversy, the Member Assessment Form will be employed to determine the future involvement of each member in the NTCC.

Specific instructions regarding the process for completing the 3 tasks is attached along with the agenda.  It’s time to review the instructions very carefully.