by Cheri Jackett, Oak Grove Elementary
Christine Mullen, Butterfield

In this lesson students will act as journalists who are traveling to a planet in our Solar System to report its inner workings. Once they have completed their visit and research they will return to Earth to create models and travel brochures of the planet.


Can you remember taking a vacation somewhere?  Did it require a lot of planning and preperation?  Did you visit a travel agent or a website to gather information about the place you would visit?

You are getting ready to take a trip of your own, a trip to one of the nine planets of our Solar System.  You must be prepared to face extreme temperatures, untamed environments, and brutal storms.  The purpose of your journey is to gather information and report back to your employer, the Daily Planet Travel Company, in the form of brochures and advertisements.  Your goal is to persuade vacationers to book a trip to your planet.

This is a very serious mission and a lot is at stake.  Your boss at the Daily Planet is asking all of his top journalists to travel to different planets and create brochures and ads.  In return, he has offered a $5000.00 raise to the journalist team that is able to book the most vacations based on their materials. 

Good luck and may the best team win!