The original idea and some of the materials are part of an optional credit on Biomes we teach at Icaria Highschool , Barcelona. See more information about me and the English Language Department .

Some of the material was designed as part of the research project led by Professor Cristina Escobar Urmeneta of Barcelona Autonomous University (UAB)and was funded by DURSI (Catalan Government) as an ARIE project.You can see our team, the project, materials and much more at the ArtiCLE research group webpage.

The general outlook and contents were designed as final project for my postgraduate course at University of Barcelona Life Long Learning Institute

I also would like to thank all the webpages I mention in the quest without whom this quest would never have been possible.

Many many thanks to the people of Guadaloupe and Martinica and their amazing rainforests. I hope you'll keep on defending them as fiercely as you have so far. Most of the photos I use here were taken there on a trip. Thank you also to the people who keep the magnificent public gardens in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China, where I saw some of the most amazing tropical flowers ever.

The world map that shows the planet's global warming is part of the NASA webpage. You can see it in context here

And one last big thank you for my daughter who has been extremely patient when I spent hours and hours at the computer and for allowing me to use the photo of her beautiful hands to illustrate Step 2 .

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