by Maria Rosa Batlle, IES ICARIA

What is exactly the Amazon rainforest? Who lives there? What plants and animals does it house? Did you know that this amazing ecosystem is endangered? In this webquest you are going to find out the answers to these questions and much more.....

Teacher Introduction

This webquest has been designed using materials that I have already used in my class in paper format. So it has been tested and polished.

It is a webquest for the Natural Science class in English. 

I use it with students aged 12 to 14 , whose mother tongue is Catalan or Spanish and whose English skills are pre-intermediate at best, in some cases, elementary.

It can also be used in the English as a foreign or second language class in content-based  oriented classes. Content-based and ICT oriented classes  enhance real communication, as well as being motivating.

This material includes some topics that students this age love: animals, plants, ecologic issues, the idea of travelling, even if it's a virtual trip and it also provides some kinetic activities, where they are able and allowed to move from their seats when they are preparing their posters.

I hope this material works as well for you as it has done and does for me!

Teacher instructions in Catalanhere