by Carrie Rinden, Rosa Parks Elementary

Alright boys and girls . . . Our future depends on our actions today, not next year, or even tomorrow! It's time to start being more environmentally cautious and make this planet a cleaner place. In this Webquest, you will learn which items can be recycled and how to begin the process. You will also learn about the benefits of reducing waste and reusing products. Finally, you will have an opportunity to make a difference by cleaning up an area of your local community.



Suppose you woke up one day, went to take a shower, and no running water came out.  You become confused and quickly notice an awful scent.  It starts to make you sick and as you hang your head out the window, you realize that all the trees outside have been cut down.  In place of each tree are piles and piles of trash.  Every square inch of land has become a landfill.  You look up into the sky, but all you see is an endless gray haze of pollution . . .

Can you imagine a world like this?  It is quite possible, unless we take action now and begin to take care of our environment!  We all must participate in order to have a significant impact on our future.  You are about to learn important tips to help reduce, reuse, and recycle.