by Abby Underkofler, San Diego State University

This is a Webquest about the American Revolutionary War. The students will be working in groups as Loyalists or Patriots. Each student will be responsible for researching an event, person, and act relevant to the causes of the Revolutionary War. Each group, armed with their research, will defend their side of the war, and attempt to pursuade other "colonists" to join their side.





As a colonist living on the continent of North America, you have been through a lot since your settling here several years ago.  Adjusting to a new way of life has not been easy for you or your family, but you have grown accustomed to it.  Since your move to this new land you have been able to find work, have purchased a nice house to raise your family, and you even own a couple of slaves.  However, your colony is firmly under British control, and things have gotten worse since the wars against the French.  It seems that the mother country is tightening its grip on your land and making you question your new sense of freedom.   But you are making these sacrifices for the English crown; your place of birth.  You learn that your colony has been split.  Half of your friends and neighbors have remained loyal to England, while the other half has turned against it.  You make a decision to choose a side...