by Jeff Harm, SDSU
Sharon Trom, California Virtual Academies

Students will be expected to work in groups of 4 and create a skit, which they will perform for their class, depicting a Kumeyaay family gathering together in the evening and recounting the events of the day. Each student will portray a family member (mother, father, child, grandparent) and will depict typical roles that would have been assigned to that person, dress as they would have dressed, have typical Kumeyaay names, address Kumeyaay traditions and environmental adaptations, etc.


The Kumeyaay are a tribe of Native Americans that have lived in the San Diego region for over 1000 years. Their history and culture is rich with tradition.

Throughout history, the Kumeyaay have adapted extremely well to their environments in order to survive in and get along with nature. Modern Kumeyaay now live across San Diego, and some live on reservations.

Now you will get the chance to learn, first-hand, what life was like for Kumeyaay living between 1000 and 1780. You will learn about how the Kumeyaay dressed, typical roles for various family members, and what they did to survive.