You have worked hard to help the school district make some good website recommendations.  In the process you have learned that using the Internet may be a little trickier than you thought.  Often it is not so easy to figure out whether the information is really good or not.  First there are quite a few fake websites that are totally fiction.  Then there are millions of sites created by people just like you who aren't experts about the information they have on their sites.  You could make your own website today and write about your favorite subject, perhaps dogs or pizza.  Does that mean you're an expert on those subjects?  That's why it's great to use a database with websites that have already been selected for their good information.  Ask your librarian if there's one at your school or public library.  A database will save you a lot of time and energy looking for good sites yourself.

Here's hoping you will continue to be a cyber detective.  If you would like to hone your skills, these two websites are good places to start:
Quality Information Checklist
Web Research Guide

Food for Thought


How do you feel about hoax sites or sites that are created as a joke but look authentic?  Information is power.  The wrong information can be like a house on fire.  What if our government made decisions based on the wrong information?  Take a look at this website to read about a local government that almost did.

Local Politicians Nearly Fall for H2O Hoax