Step 1

Learn from your teacher the three other members of your team and your exact role.  Your role will be one of the following:  author detective, content detective, design detective, or time/address detective.  

Print out the form here that fits your role:

Author Detective Website Evaluation Form
Content Detective Website Evaluation Form
Design Detective Website Evaluation Form
Time/Address Detective Website Evaluation Form


Step 2

Now go to each of the following five websites and fill in the information for each site on the form you just printed out.
Velcro crop                                           
Tree octopus
Ancient Egypt
Astronomy 1
Astronomy 2


If you need help figuring out the answers to the questions on your form, check out these two sites for information that will help you:
The Quality Information Website (Quick)
The Web Research Guide


Step 3

Now it's time to get together with the other members of your team. Print out the Website Approval Form .

As a team, study all of the information you have gathered on each website. You will present your findings to the team, using your answers in your detective form.  With the other detectives on your team you will decide whether or not each website is approved for the district's list.

Step 4

Choose a detective on your team to be a spokesperson for the next step.


Step 5

The time has come for all teams to get together.  It is debate time!  Sit with your team members in a circular arrangement that allows you to see the other teams.

If you are the spokesperson, you will begin the debate by sharing your team's decisions with the other teams.  Which websites did your team approve for the list?


If there is a disagreement from another team, any detective from your team can speak up with support for your team's decision.

Final step

Vote with the rest of the detectives in the agency on whether each site should be on the list or not.