1.  You will be grouped together in 3's.

2.  You will choose a composer from any of the 3 era's we have discussed in class  (Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary), and provide a 2 page biography on that composer.

You are to find a recording (either by purchase or from the Newburgh Free Library) of one of their great works and analyze the rhythmic patterns. (ex:  time signature, measure alignment, value and note usage.)  You are only required to analyze one movement or section of the piece.


You are to analyze how and if this composer used mathematics and counting to compose their selection. 

Once you have made the decision and proven your work, you are to prepare a powerpoint presentation on the issue. 

You are to defend how the composer did or didn't rely on mathematics to compose their selection. 

Show us a section of the manuscript that supports your conclusion as well as the listening selection. 

Did the webresources that I provided you with help you?

What other resources did you use?