By the completion of this project, you will have learned about some Hispanic creatures of legend, you will have written about a creature, found pictures of it online, and you will have reflected on your findings.  The idea is to see how your culture is similar and how it is different to Hispanic culture, to expand your horizons to include knowledge of Hispanic legends, and to improve your teamwork and research skills.

Before you turn it in, you will want to make sure that it represents your best effort.  You will want to make sure that it is neat, spelled correctly, formatted attractively, and properly documented.  Your research notes and rough drafts must be included in order to get full credit.

Gather all of your finished work, get together with your partner, and bind your work together.  You may use a folder, a report holder, a binder, or paper clips.  Make sure your name is on EVERY PAGE of your work, and that your partner's name is on EVERY PAGE of his/her work before you turn it in.