Step One:  In your pairs, each one of you should choose one of the following Hispanic creatures of legend.  Take time to look up information on the creature that you have chosen so that you can share with your partner.  Keep notes of the information you find because your notes will be turned in at the end of the project. 

Note: Printing webpages or copy-and-paste of webpages will not count as notes.

Choose one of the following and your partner will do the other:

     La Llorona 


    El Chupacabra



Step Two:  Once you and your partner have chosen which creature is most appealing to you, you will each have to decide which role you will take in this project.  There are two roles to choose from.

Newspaper Journalist:  This person will research the creature chosen and will write a fictional newspaper article about a local sighting of the creature.  The article should look like and read like an actual newspaper article and should include at least one picture.  This should be a piece of creative writing that reflects what the student has learned about the creature.  Eye-witness accounts, descriptions, and commentary will add a lot to the article.

Biologist:  The student with this job will write a detailed report about the creature including its history, its habitat, its appearance, its diet, etc.  This report will be written as though it were a real scientific article (even though it is only about a legendary creature), and will include photos and as much detail as possible.  Since this is not a real creature, there is some room for creativity in the writing of this report, but overall the student should stick to the facts found online.

Once you have decided your roles and agreed upon them, you will set up a project schedule together.  You want to work together to make sure that you are not using the same pictures, that you are including all of the information you have found, and to make sure each other's work is well-written and professional.

You should have the rough draft of your article written in the next three days.  Time will be given in class for a peer edit of your rough draft so that you can make corrections and turn in your best work at the end of the project.

Make sure to keep your rough draft and your notes as you go along.  They will be turned in with your project at the end. 




Step Three:  When you have finished your research and written your article or your biography, the last part of the project is to write a personal reflection.  In order to write a good reflection, you first have to step away from the keyboard and do some thought about what you learned, what you think about it, and how it is related to your own world.  This reflection should show your teacher that you really learned a lot about Hispanic folklore and that you can compare/contrast it to your own culture.