Students will work in pairs to complete this project.  The first part of the project is to collect data on two well-known Hispanic creatures of legend. 

The pair will research and determine which of the two is most interesting to them.  They will go on to prepare a two-part mini project that includes a creature biography and a fantasy newspaper article about a siting of that creature in the community.

Each student will write a personal reflection toward the end of the project that shows how much learning he/she has done.

Students will work together to do peer edits and to make sure that their work (and their partner's work) is the best it can be.

In ten days, each pair will turn in all of their work together for one grade.  Students will turn in all of their research notes, their project plans, and their rough drafts as a part of their grade.  Because of this, it will be very important to keep track of these items along the way.