by Anne Davis, Georgia State University

This webquest will be used to introduce elementary students to blogging.

Teacher Introduction

This webquest is designed to introduce elementary students to blogging. Its intention is to get teachers and students thinking about using blogging to develop literacies in the elementary school.  The goal is to use blogs to engage students in thinking and blogging about their learning and what it means to them. Topics for the blogging posts will be pulled from the classroom curriculum. A focus on the Six Traits of Writing and Blooms Taxonomy will be used as students blog/write to learn and apply what they are studying in their class curriculum.

The teacher will maintain a class blog to model the process for students. and to celebrate these new opportunities to demonstrate responsible and appropriate educational  use of blogs by elementary students. Reflections will be written by both the teacher and students and used as learning strategies to think more thoughtfully and apply what they are learning to the every day world.

My hope is to build a good model of educational blogging by elementary students and their teacher that will inspire others to follow and see the value of building these types of learning communities that are open for  all educators to  learn from.  

The webquest provides a good model for this mode of blogging that will be introduced when students first learn about blogging. It will be referred to throughout the school year as needed .  Students and teacher will add their ideas, work, and reflections to the blogging wiki   throughout the year.