by Martha Morgan, St. Johns Country Day School

In this WebQuest, students will individually research global warming and characteristics of one of six major land biomes: rainforest, taiga, grassland, desert, tundra, or temperate broadleaf deciduous forest in order to design and create PowerPoint slides to share with others. Students will also collaborate in small groups to compile a database of biome characteristics using Excel and reach a team decision about which biome is likely to be most affected by global warming. Finally, teams will debate this issue.




    In the course of this project, you will be a scientist whose job is to find out which major ecological community on Earth will be most affected by global warming.  Of course, you have to be knowledgeable about ecological communities, often called biomes, and you have to understand the theory of global warming.  You will gather data and consult with a team of other scientists in making your determinations.  You will share your findings before a group of scientists, and your team will debate their findings with our teams.  The future of the world may depend on a better understanding of global warming and how science should deal with it, so do your best!