Definition and usage of device


Student either defined or found a usage of the device, but did not cite sources used to find this information. Student found a definition and either no examples of usage or cited the source with some mistakes. Student formulated an excellent definition in her or his own words, considered potential usages of the device, and cited multiple sources properly.




Poem selection 

Student found one example of a poem that used the device or found three poems that did not use the assigned device. 

Student found two examples of poems that used the assigned device or found three examples and did not cite them. 

Student found three examples of poems that illustrated the assigned device well and cited them properly. 



Poster creation


Student participated occasionally in developing the group poster or group poster was missing more than one of the required elements. Student participated in creating the group poster and added to the project. Poster contained the minimal elements required. Student fully participated in the creation of the group poster and added information or ideas while working well with teammates and respecting group diversity. Poster contained all required elements, was well organized and attractive.


Group lesson


Student communicated some sense of the characteristics of her/his assigned device and/or student didn't engage/listen while other group members presented information. Student explained some characteristics of the device, and used minimal examples. Student listened or engaged for some of the other members' presentations. Student presented the device in a clear way and included appropriate examples. Student paid attention and/or asked appropriate questions of other group members.


Poem composition


Student included three or fewer required devices in poems or only composed one poem.
Student composed two poems, but did used fewer than six devices or used fewer than three in a meaningful way. Student composed two or three poems and used all six devices in a way that reflects an understanding of their appropriate usage as determined in the poster sessions. Poems were creative and showed command of the conventions of the English language.