You will be broken into groups of six. Each group member will choose one device out of the following: alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia, metaphor, simile, or hyperbole. You will research your device by coming up with a definition, finding three poems that use it, and thinking about why these poems use this device. You will then collaborate with poets from other groups in the class who researched the same device. This new group will create a poster together and confirm that you all are able to teach others what that device is and how to use it. You will then return to your original group and teach your colleagues about your device.


Once each member of your original group of six each has a chance to present his or her device to the group, you have earned some much needed thinking time. At this point you can begin to compose poetry using your newly acquired poetic vocabulary. Each poet should compose two or three poems and use each device, in an appropriate way, at least once in your poetry (you don't need to use any one device in more than one of your poems).