1. Form groups of three or four.
  2. Read the Introduction and Task sections of the WebQuest.
  3. Assign roles to every student and review responsibilities.
  4. Explore the sites listed below, begin your research, and take notes.
  5. Brainstorm stories, articles, and ideas for your newspaper.
  6. Decide amongst your group who will write or draw each piece; the Editor-in-Chief leads this discussion. Each student must submit 3-5 pieces of work or at least one page.
  7. Write your articles and work on your contributions to the newspaper.
  8. Submit work to Research Editor, Copy Editor, Layout Editor, and Editor-in-Chief.
  9. Make necessary changes as recommended by group members.
  10. Submit final work to Layout Editor.
  11. Submit newspaper and “works cited” page to Mrs. Krich or Ms. Milardo. Remember to use MLA format for your citations.





Research Sites


Historical Background of To Kill a Mockingbird


Jim Crow Laws


Scottsboro Trials


Personal Interviews


Monroeville , Alabama (the real Maycomb)


The Real Local Newspaper




1933 World Fair


Map of Monroeville



Photographs (photographs revealing discrimination) (Google image search)


RPCS Library


Search Engines (a better Google) (double-check all information obtained here!)


American Memory