by Jennifer Fuller, SDSU

This webquest explores the scientific classification of botany.

Teacher Introduction

Is a coconut a seed? How about a nut? And in that case a fruit?

YES, a coconut is both a seed and a nut and a fruit! 

Are nuts seeds? Are seeds nut? What is the difference between a nut and a seed?

Botany is the scientific study of plantlife, in which Botanists answer questions like these and many other questions related to biology.

As with other life forms in biology, plant life can be studied from different perspectives, from the molecular, genetic and biochemical level through organelles, cells, tissues, organs, individuals, plant populations, and communities of plants. At each of these levels a botanist might be concerned with the classification (taxonomy), structure (anatomy), or function (physiology) of plant life.

This webquest introduces students to Botany by engaging students in classification problems in which they need to develop a hypothesis that explains the difference between nuts and seeds.